The Poultry Handbook will be available to buy at our courses at a special price.
A unique guidebook covering topics for everyone, from beginners to seasoned exhibitors, the Poultry Handbook is a great book and gift for anyone with an interest in the UK poultry hobby.
With Breeds Directories covering most breeds of chickens, waterfowl and turkey kept in the UK and user friendly Regional Listings with maps of your local poultry breeders, vets, feed stores and poultry supply shops.

If you would like to pre-order a Handbook to ensure we have stock, please mention this when booking.
Specialist Poultry Boning Knives are available for purchase on the day at just £12 each

Day old commercial meat table breed chicks can be purchased on the day for you to take home and grow on
Very fast growing - will reach maturity and be ready for the table at 8 - 10 weeks
Hatched to order, please purchase in advance and ask if you have any questions. Mature birds at dispatch weight are also available to order. Discount for larger orders.
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