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Small Animal and Chicken Sitting


We have experience keeping all kinds of birds and poultry as well as small animals and exotics and are able to offer a pet sitting service for owners going on holiday.

Please get in touch if you have animals on long term medication as we are generally able to accomodate this.

  • Chickens, ducks and poultry will be kept in an Omlet Eglu Classic with roosting bars, nest box and a fox resistant 2m run.

  • Rabbits and Guinea Pigs will be kept in a Rabbit Eglu and 2m run as standard; this can be extended.

  • Hamsters, Gerbils and other small animals will be kept in our home in your self supplied cage.

  • Budgies, finches and parrots can be accommodated in your own cage.

  • We have experience with tortoises and lizards (namely Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons), please contact us about reptiles.

We are based in Sutton Coldfield and animals will be kept in secure housing in our own home. For larger flocks and collections home visits may be possible, provided we feel we can provide adequate care for your pets.

Cost is from £3 per day, please contact me for details. 

Terms and Conditions Apply

25% non-refundable deposit required to secure booking
Full payment required when dropping off animals
Christmas and other Bank Holidays or vacations may incur a surcharge


All animals should be in good health and free of parasites when they arrive. If we are unable to contact you, we will use our judgement and if veterinary care is required, this will be sought at the owners expense. We are experienced keepers but cannot be held responsibly for loss, death or injury of your animals in our care. 


Animals not collected within one week of collection day, with no owner contact, will be rehomed responsibly

Please note we are not currently taking any bookings due to Covid19
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