Lewis is a Veterinary Surgeon as well as holding a BSc in Animal Science from Aberystwyth University, and wishes to specialize as an avian vet in the future.

  He travels the UK running courses and giving informational talks, spreading the word about keeping chickens as pets and about how to care for them. He has been lucky enough to give talks about chicken keeping at The National Poultry Show, Edible Garden Show and BBC Gardeners’ World Live as well as running a day course at Highgrove Estate, home of HRH Prince Charles following a recommendation from The Poultry Club of Great Britain. 


  I have kept poultry for over 15 years, starting with Japanese Quail in an incubator I built from scratch as a summer project and it all went from there. 
  All money raised from courses goes towards my tuition fees, as a graduate studying abroad I am not able to apply for support or a Student Loan.


  I started running chicken keeping courses from home while I was studying for my A Levels and when I started my undergraduate degree, the poultry courses moved to Wales.
I helped rear and prepare Free Range Turkeys for Christmas for a few years before friends asked me to show them the way I dispatch birds and teach them a little bit about avian anatomy, which is how the Dispatch courses came about.

  I believe that to be a responsible poultry keeper, it is essential to know how to humanely dispatch poultry - even if you take your birds to the vets to be euthanised, it is always useful to know how it would be done in an emergency situation.


  I strongly believe that if people are going to hatch chicks, they should be responsible for the resultant cockerels which in some cases may mean culling birds. 
                                                        Don't hatch if you can't dispatch.

  This may not be an ideal situation but it is far better than taking birds to auction where they could end up in the wrong hands (bait for cock fighting) or trying to rehome them as this is rarely achievable, especially with cross breeds which won't be used for breeding.

  If you would like to schedule a course in your area and have a suitable venue in mind, please get in touch as I am usually available outside term time and can arrange courses, usually with a minimum of 6 attendees due to the cost of travel, venue hire and overheads; suppliers have a minimum poultry order for Dispatch Courses.

  I run these courses as a hobby to fund my poultry keeping and can be flexible to suit your requirements. There is scope to run these courses for veterinary nursing colleges and veterinary CPD for practices wishing to gain more experience of husbandry and handling poultry.

If you have any questions, or to book a course, please email info@DrChicken.co.uk
Alternatively you can contact me via Facebook or Twitter

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