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Poultry Dispatch, Pluck & Gut Course


   As part of my veterinary training I worked on a free range turkey farm, rearing them through summer and preparing them for Christmas Dinner.

I started running courses when friends asked me to show them how to humanely dispatch or cull chickens, something I believe experienced poultry keepers should know how to do - even if you take your birds to the vets to be euthanised, it is always useful in an emergency situation.

  I strongly believe that if people are going to hatch chicks, they should be responsible for the resultant cockerels which in some cases may mean culling birds.
                                                        Don't hatch if you can't dispatch.

  If this is the case I would always recommend hatching dual purpose birds and rearing them for the table so that the males have a purpose and are not wasted.

how to kill a chicken broomstick method

Booking now for 2021 courses at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre in Lampeter, West Wales

   Courses start with a relaxed seminar style introduction to rearing birds for the table, breeds, and their husbandry.
Using models, props and posters we then learn about the external and internal anatomy of birds paying particular attention to the organs we eat, where we may find parasites and signs of disease; important knowledge when rearing meat birds.

Participants will be taught how to humanely cull a meat chicken and then how to pluck their birds, first we cover dry plucking and then wet plucking.

   The chickens used for the course are reared free range on a 22 acre smallholding less than 10 miles from Denmark Farm - talk about low food miles!

You will then learn the gutting process in a bright and airy classroom complete with instructions to take home for you to follow later and reinforce what has been learnt on the day.

Chicken butchery course dispatch plucking culling

I understand the worries participants may have whilst learning to dispatch birds and so take the time to explain the process in detail; using referenced material backed up by science so you have the knowledge you need.

 Courses will be held in small groups to ensure all participants are supported throughout the whole process of dispatching and dressing, so that individual assistance can be given where necessary.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided. 

Courses usually begin at midday and last around 4 hours.

Course cost is £95 to include your free range meat chicken, a specialist poultry boning knife (worth £12), 
course notes to follow step-by-step at home and continued support by email
– all you need to provide is an apron and a cool box or bag in which to take your chicken home!​

Course Dates:

Booking now:

25th September 2021
Denmark Farm Conservation Centre,

near Lampeter, West Wales

chicken butchery dispatch course

Limited spaces due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Please contact me before purchasing to confirm spaces available or to join waiting list.

For those travelling from further a field, accommodation is available at Denmark Farm. 

Eco Lodge private room: £40 per person/per night (min 2 nights), Dormitory: £25 per person/per night or Eco Campsite: £12.50 per person per night.

All these options include use of the main kitchen in the Training Room for self-catering.

Or why not spend a relaxing long weekend at Denmark Farm and hire a private self-catering apartment in the Eco Lodge for £350 (sleeps 2 people/up to 3 nights).

To book courses, please email – limited places available!

Additional poultry boning knives and free range broilers (generally Ross, Cobb or Hubbard) at day old or grown to dispatch age are available to order in advance for collection on the day – please contact me for info and to order

free range broiler chicken dispatch course
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