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NEW for 2020 - Poultry CPD for Veterinary Professionals

   Vets and RVN's are obligated to complete Continuing Professional Development on an ongoing basis and clients often bemoan practices who "don't do" chickens ...most likely as it's been so long since their exotics lectures.

   While I am a massive advocate of referral and exotics practices for complicated medical and surgical cases, chickens can be rewarding to treat in general practice, often with first principles using medication and analgesia we use daily in companion animals, and are a great addition to your caseload. In my experience clients seeking veterinary attention are often willing to pay for treatment and have great compliance.

   I am aiming to give first opinion practices confidence in basic husbandry, handling and commonly presented problems seen in practice; particularly as chickens are becoming increasingly popular productive pets.

   I have delivered dozens of talks and seminars to pet owners but understand the challenges of finding free time when working in practice so can be flexible depending on your requirements. I have a variety of birds at home in Sutton Coldfield so can arrange for staff to come here or I can visit you in practice with a few birds for a lunch-and-learn style seminar.

  The relaxed and interactive seminar will cover breeds (and their associated dispositions), handling and hospitalisation before moving on to anatomy and physiology in relation to commonly seen ailments - digestive, respiratory, reproductive and musculoskeletal.

   I am a visual learner so use lots of props, posters skeletons and anatomical models as well (of course!) as live chickens.

   Parasite control is surprisingly easy in poultry due to the limited number of licenced products and can be easily administered in practice or by owners.

   I strongly recommend adding the BSAVA Manual of Backyard Poultry Medicine and Surgery to your practice library, particularly as it contains a thorough formulary and anaesthesia chapter.

   I currently work in a busy small animal practice in Tamworth, Staffordshire and live in Sutton Coldfield/Birmingham so I am happy to arrange courses in the area or travel far and wide to your practice if given enough notice.

  Keeping chickens is a passion of mine and while I understand the reluctance to see them, often due to a lack of confidence, I am hoping we can improve the quality of veterinary care provided to backgarden flocks in the UK.

  For any more information or to arrange a session please contact me at:

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