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Getting Started Keeping Chickens

This course is fun for all the family and will teach you everything you need to know to get started with keeping chickens, whether it be at home, at school or on an allotment.

We will start with the basics covering the variety of breeds available in the UK, looking at both pure breeds as well as hybrids and the rehoming of ex-commercial hens.

Next we will cover feed and housing options available plus day-to-day care and get hands on with hens, learning how to perform basic health checks for when choosing your chickens.



children with chickens and chickenwall

Get hands on experience handling hens to give you confidence for when you get your own birds. This is a relaxed interactive course, getting you involved and confident with poultry, feeding, housing and getting started on your chicken keeping journey.

We will have The Poultry Handbook for sale at a discounted price.

The morning will finish up with questions over tea and cake. There may even be some of our free range eggs for sale at the end too!

Attendees will go home with a goody bag containing a pen, keyring and course notes as well as various poultry leaflets, product samples and more!

£35 adults (£15 for under 16’s with a paying adult)

Getting more from keeping chickens - Advanced course

The afternoon session is for more experienced keepers to learn more in detail about anatomy, physiology and common diseases of poultry and how to care for their flock.

We will cover the healthy hen, how to a perform health check and spot classic signs of diseases; anatomy will be discussed in detail with posters and videos to explain the function of organs which can help explain about nutrition and diseases.

I am a very visual learner to use skeletons, models and anatomy posters to aid teaching.

Next up is breeding and incubation, rehoming ex-commercial birds and what to do when introducing new birds to your flock.

Cotswold Chickens Chicken Keeping Course. Beginners poultry course. Avoid The Vet

Chicken keeping course 2019

After this we will move on to treating common ailments and parasite control. We will discuss some commonly used supplements, treating basic injuries and more importantly what to look out for when you will need to visit the vets.


The course will take a more scientific route including discussing dissections so is aimed at adults, though mature children with a genuine interest in poultry are welcome.

The afternoon will finish off with a Q&A discussion session over refreshments guided by attendees to seek advice and share experience which can be taylored to your needs.

Attendees will go home with a goody bag containing a pen, keyring and course notes as well as various poultry leaflets, product samples and more!

£45 for adults

Course Dates:

26th September 2021

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre,
near Lampeter, West Wales.

Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham, West Midlands.

For more information or to book, please email

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Beginners Course

Advanced Course

Avoid the vet advanced chicken keeping courses
Chicken anatomical model and skeleton
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